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大弦嘈嘈如急雨,小弦切切如私语。嘈嘈切切错杂弹,大珠小珠落玉盘。——选自 白居易 《琵琶行》


        The bass strings rumbled like thunderstorms pelting.
        The treble strings rustled like lovers whispering.

        Rumbling and rustling interleaved at a fast rate,
        Like large and small pearls falling on a jade plate.


                                                                                                              -- Bai Juyi Pipa Xing


                                                                                                               --Translated by  Ying Sun

Copyright @ Yu-Xin Mei; Olso, Norway, 2013

    Characters are applied to quietly record out lives; paintings permanently freeze time; but music is performed dynamically. 


    Continuously repeating histories construct the world we live in. In this turbulent historical river the only unique thing is our culture, in which music is the most shining star.  Music reflects the shimmering glory of humanity and showcases her diversity. Music allows us the freedom to express ourselves, to a certain extent, music exceeds languages. Music is able to communicate while transcending the boundaries of race, geography, time, and space. For example, Gao Shan Liu Shui (The Lofty Mountain and Flowing River) has performed more than two thousand years and still enchants its bosom friends; also the sonatas composed by Mozart two hundred years ago continues to touch our hearts today. No matter who we are, we cannot escape from music or musical environments because music is a part of us.


    In the immense musical world of European classical music and popular music, there is another incredible world of music: ethno music, also named world music. As an enthusiast of world music and an explorer of ethnomusicology, I am willing to uncover the unknown and the enthralling veil of world musical culture with my friends.



        我们生活的世界是由不断重复的历史所构成的,在历史长河的循环往复中,唯一不曾重复的就是我们的文化, 而音乐则是我们人类文化中一颗璀璨的明星。音乐的魅力在于她所闪耀的人性光辉,并且呈现出五彩斑斓的多样性。音乐赋予了我们极大的自由去表达自己,在某种程度下她可以超越语言。音乐可以让我们超越地域、时空和种族的界限进行交流——千年前奏响的高山流水,今日仍在寻觅她的知音;百年前莫扎特写就的奏鸣曲,仍在抚慰着我们的心灵。无论你是谁,你都离不开音乐,或者说离不开音乐的环境,因为音乐就是我们的一部分。


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